Travel Inspired Xmas Gifts for under £15!

Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes the all important present buying. People say the gift of giving is a wonderful feeling (and I agree), but before you can get to the actual ‘giving moment’, you’ve got to go through sometimes stressful ‘decision making’ phase. Will they like it? Won’t they like? Would they appreciate this? Is it too much or too little? Knowing what to get a friend or a loved one has the potential to be a complete nightmare, especially during this notoriously busy festive period.

So in the spirit of helping others…I’ve put together a Mini Christmas Gift Guide for travel lovers around the world. If you know someone who has a passion for travelling, then why not consider one of these fantastic gifts! All under an affordable £15, you could even treat yourself – why the hell not?!Travel-icons-ticket-holder-Paperchase




1. Travel Icons Ticket Holder – Paperchase

2. Neon City Eye Mask – Paperchase

3. Paris & London iPhone Covers – Pylones

4. Gourmet Travel Scratch Map – Prezzybox

5. Tiny Travel Tokens Keepsake Gift – Not On The High Street

I’d truly love all of these travel inspired gifts in my stocking this Christmas (hint hint & pretty please lovely family and friends). For someone who loves travel these gift ideas offer that personal touch everyone appreciates at Christmas.

My favourite has to be the Tiny Travel Tokens. Though they are essentially useless, they instead offer a sentimental reminder of home and loved ones while you’re out on the road. The colourful Ticket Holder and Eye Mask are right up my street with bright and exiting designs (very handy items as well), and the iPhone Covers are just simply awesome! I’ve seen many versions of the travel scratch map around, but the Gourmet Travel Scratch Map manages to bring my two passions; food and travel, together in one perfectly perfect Christmas gift!

What do you think of this Mini Travel Christmas Gift Guide for under £15?

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