My Eastern Europe Adventure: Day 1 in Prague

It was an early start for us excited Eastern European trekkers…3am early to be exact. Needing a solid 9hrs sleep a day to ensure I function like a normal human means I’ll only give up my precious snooze time for very special occasions. A new amazing travelling experience fits that criteria perfectly.

Tucking into an obligatory early morning airport fry-up, we waited with eager anticipation for our flight. Ready to jet off and experience new sights and sounds in Eastern Europe’s finest destinations, we wondered what our first stop in Prague would be like.


As the Busabout tour started in Prague, we decided to arrive a day early to give ourselves time to explore the Czech Republic capital. For convenience we stayed at the Plus Prague Hostel, which was the pick-up point for the bus and also turned out to be a great little base for exploring the city. Arriving midday, we got straight into the thick of it like proper hardcore tourists do. We ditched the bags, headed out in the beaming sunshine (shades on for the first time since my last holiday) and ventured into the unknown to see what Prague had to offer. Best. Feeling. Ever. 


With some vague directions and a bit of good old fashion British common sense, we figured out the tram system and made our way to Prague’s Old Town to see the main city sights. Excitably strolling around this historical and beautiful city, we got snap-happy and started capturing everything and anything that looked impressive.

Impressive is definitely the word to use for Prague, as well as extraordinary, magical and mysterious. The cobbled streets are full of enchanting buildings and spectacular Gothic architecture like the iconic Týn Church and Astronomical Clock. Both sat in the Old Town Square, these powerful and enigmatic structures create a curiously unique atmosphere in Prague. Almost fairy-tale-like in their design, the architecture in this city is like nothing I’ve seen before. Ominous, but yet fascinatingly beautiful at the same time!


The famous Charles Bridge is another must-see historical sight in Prague. Crossing the Vltava River, this bridge is buzzing with tourists trying to get the perfect picture, local’s crossing over to the Lesser Town and little shacks selling all kinds of quizzical items. Built in the 14th Century, the Charles Bridge was the key to joining Prague Castle to the city’s Old Town district, and all these years later…it’s still doing a damn good job! Described as an astonishing Gothic architectural feat, the bridge is definitely a highlight when visiting Prague.

Reaching the Lesser Town, we were greeted with more captivating architecture at Prague Castle. Following a long climb up what seemed like Europe’s largest set of steps, we made it to the top of the hill where the castle sits proudly looking out over the city. The view is truly amazing and it was great to look back over all the sights we’d visited throughout the afternoon. You can also clearly see why Prague is so famous for its iconic red roofs.


It’s fair to say we covered a lot of ground that afternoon which resulted in a well deserved burger at the Hard Rock Café – Yes I know, not exactly ‘local cuisine’, but we had plenty of time on the trip to experience that as well, sometimes you just need a burger, right?!

The following day we joined our Busabout crew to set off to our next destinations, Kutna Hora and Olomouc! Read my follow-up posts revealing all the details, including a visit to an eerie Bone Church and lots of local delicacies…no burgers, I promise!


Prague is such a charismatic and captivating city! I’d love to go back again and see more of what it has to offer, especially in the winter. Have you ever visited Prague? What are your trip highlights or recommendations?

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2 thoughts on “My Eastern Europe Adventure: Day 1 in Prague

  1. I interrailed a few summers ago and Prague was one of the places I visited. It is such a charming city, especially when standing at the top of the castle or in the Letensky gardens looking over everything. We also stayed in Plus Prague! Glad you had a lovely time x

    1. Thanks for your comment Beeta! I’m glad you agree Prague is so lovely, I’d love to go back again one day and visit the Letensky Gardens as I didn’t get chance to do that this time! What did you make of interrailing in Eastern Europe? I did it in the South of France and Italy a few years back and considering doing it again! Thanks again for your comment x

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