A Wintery Yorkshire Day Out in Robin Hood’s Bay

Born and raised in a little seaside town in Yorkshire, I’m never too far away from a beautiful coastal view. From sandy shores and wild waves to fish ‘n’ chips and ice cream cones, I love everything about the coast, and I’m super proud to call it my home. 

Living in a UK tourist spot, I see the hoards of city slickers travelling miles to our picturesque seaside town every summer, and who could blame them with views like this…this is Scarborough by the way, my lovely home town.


Come winter, this place is a ghost town. I admit the peace and quiet makes a pleasant change from all the tourists, but I can’t help feeling people are missing out. Yes the sun is always a blessing for us travellers, but there’s something nice about getting wrapped up, sticking on the battered walking boots and heading out for a winter stroll on the coast.

As I mentioned, us Scarborough folk have a lot of choice when it comes to finding a scenic coastal view. On this particular day sometime early last year, my mum, my nephew and me decided to venture out to the quiet and quaint Robin Hood’s Bay.


Just 10 minutes south of Whitby, this small fishing town has a lot offer Yorkshire seaside lovers. With a wealth of truly stunning views, a history of fascinating pirate and smuggler tales, famous for fossil finding and with a welcoming local community, there’s no better place to spend a day. Even in winter.


Heading down the iconic steep winding road, you’ll come across a variety of historical buildings as well as maze of cobbled streets leading to anywhere and everywhere – no wonder smugglers loved the place! And even though I’m not a smuggler (honest I’m not), the appeal was very much there for me too. A truly beautiful and peaceful little seaside town, it’s a photographer and traveller paradise.


Reaching the bottom of the winding road leads you directly onto the beach. Surrounded by breath-taking cliffs, rolling waves, intriguing rock pools and sandy trails, there’s something to appeal to everyone’s nature. Whether you’ve got kids, a dog or fond of leisurely walks with a friend or loved one, Robin Hood’s Bay can cater for all.


So there you have it, a perfect winter’s day out on the coast in Robin Hood’s Bay. I feel privileged to live so close to such a beautiful place! Why not take a visit yourself one day? Those winter wellies are ready and waiting!

Have you ever visited Robin Hood’s Bay or any other Yorkshire coastal towns? Let me know your thoughts on the area!


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