Get Snap-Happy & Edit Later…

I quite often annoy my family, friends, boyfriend, passers-by, strangers…annoy them with my obsession to take pictures. Everywhere I go, whether it’s with my phone or camera, I can’t resist getting snap-happy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no professional photographer (I’m pretty rubbish actually), but it’s more about the memories for me…I just love a pic that captures the moment. To my disappointment however, I often find my snap-happy binges leave me with a tonne of shoddy pictures that never make it to…that’s right…Facebook.

Today I revisited some of these so called ‘shoddy’ images of mine in a bid to salvage them with my amateur photo editing skills. To my surprise some of them turned out to be real beauties, so much so, I’d like to share them with you!

Taken from various places on my travels around the world, I give you my edited photo album…

San Diego, California

Here I tried out the rule of thirds, which I first thought was a crappy attempt. With a little bit of editing, I now love it!

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

This was a quick spontaneous shot while waiting for a boat across the lake. The colours were already beautiful without any editing, but I felt I had better pictures elsewhere of the lake. With a bit brightening and notching up the vibrancy, it’s now become a favourite! Look at that sun sparkle!

Zante, Greece

Action-shots are up there with my all time favourite kind of picture. This one was originally a dud shot. Yelling “Take a picture of me jumping!”, my friend then missed the money-shot…or did she?! I’m loving it’s new retro and arty feel!

Yosemite National Park, California

We’d been on a bus for hours, I was extremely tired and then presented with this amazing view. On this occasion my snap-happy enthusiasm was sucked up by my sleepiness, so I only got a couple of naff shots which I never used to like. With a bit of reworking, I now like it very much!

Florence, Italy

Ah Italy, the perfect place for a sunset. I took this randomly while walking back to our hotel. It was extremely dark and dingy, but bringing the colour out has brought it back to life! Loves it!

Grand Canyon

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the Grand Canyon, you’ll know a photo does this place no justice. Again bringing out the colours and working with the vibrancy I managed to rekindle some of the beautiful scenes I saw that day.

San Francisco

Never stare at the sun directly…unless it’s with a camera. Jokes. That’s never good advice, but I did it anyway and guess what? I quite like this edited version!

San Diego Bay
San Diego, California

You don’t often find a cityscape combined with a beach-scape, so for that alone I wanted to salvage this image. Playing around with the brightness and contrast I got to a shot I could be happy with!

Route 66, USA

This pic pretty much looked like someone on a bus had taken it, and that’s exactly what I had done! I have tonnes of awful photos like this, (what else are you supposed to do on a bus for 6 hours?), but with a little editing magic this one came up trumps!

Malcesine, Lake Garda

I loved this view in Lake Garda, but as the day was overcast I could’t get a decent picture! Adding a filter and playing with the contrast transformed the image for me. Yes, it’s no blue sky, sunny shot in Italy, but I love the different tones and textures contrasting against the hazy sky!

Sedona, Arizona

I was hanging out the back of a jeep when I snapped this, and never thought twice about it afterwards. With a bit of sprucing up, it’s now a favourite of mine from the day.

Today’s editing has reminded me how lucky am to have seen some pretty darn fantastic places in my young years so far! I can’t wait to see what new ‘shoddy’ pictures my future travel adventures bring me 🙂

Hope you all liked my edited pictures, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!


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